Free Pick 1/29/30

Basketball streak continued yesterday with a 5-1 day.  Streak now at 68-32.  Also an underdog winner in the NHL, which  brings us to nearly even for the year in hockey after a rough start.

Free picks also continue to win.

Los Angeles  +184 vs Tampa Bay

Free Pick 1/28/20

Yesterday was a split in basketball at 2-2, so lost some vig.  Hockey was also a split at 1-1 for some profit. 

Free pick winning streak ended, so let's start another streak.

New Orleans  -8 vs Cleveland

Free Pick 1/27/20

Basketball still scorching hot, win streak now at 60-28.   I have 2 bets today, one in college and one in the NBA. 

NHL gets back on the ice tonight.  I'm down about 2 units so far this year in the NHL,  so looking forward to a good few months.

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Free picks are doing well, maybe I should start keeping track of the record.

Montreal +112 vs Washington

Free Pick 1/25/20

Winning streak stayed alive with a 5-4 day yesterday.   A ton of college basketball all day today with some NBA tonight.   I'll have at least 10 picks for members.

Brooklyn  vs Detroit  Over 227.5

Free Pick 1/24/20

Only loss yesterday was another Under killed by overtime.   Certainly some bad luck, but let's keep the winning streak going today.

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Remember all picks are documented on so my record is not like a twitter or other social media record that can be erased or fudged. 

Phoenix  +4 vs San Antonio

Free Pick 1/23/20

Basketball streak continues with a 5-2 day yesterday.   Currently on a 43-20 run.  Hockey is on their All-Star break until next week.

College Basketball
626 Middle Tennessee  +9.5 vs Louisiana Tech

Free Pick 1/22/20

A small card yesterday, ended 0-1 in basketball.  A much bigger card today in college and the NBA.  I'll have at least 5 bets in basketball today.  No NHL again as it's consecutive days with a small card and no games showing any value.

Free pick won again yesterday.   I think that's 5 in a row, although I don't keep track of the free pick record so you guys probably know it better than I do.  The free pick is just one selection of the games that members get, so it is a game I personally bet. 

West Ham  vs Leicester City  Under 3 -105