Free Pick 4/24/19

The winning continues in the NBA and NHL yesterday. 

Thanks to those who sent kind emails and messages.  I'm glad you're all making money.

With a series bet pending on Carolina, I didn't bet them in game 7.  But if you don't have a series bet on them, they are a good bet at +130 or better.

Houston -8 vs Utah.  The Rockets have shot poorly in the last 2 games.  Now they are back at home, so I'd anticipate a good shooting night from them.  That's bad news for the Jazz because I don't think they have enough shooters to keep pace.

Free Pick 4/23/19

Dallas Stars won the series, still waiting on Carolina for a 4-0 sweep in the NHL series bets.

Free pick today:

San Jose -105 vs Vegas

Free Pick 4/22/19

Free picks 2-1 again yesterday, now 28-14 since the start of this blog. 

Already won NHL series bets on NY Islanders and St Louis.  Still have Dallas and Carolina pending, both play tomorrow. 

Last 2 years of basketball picks documented in the link at the top.  Also this year's baseball spreadsheet at the top of the page.

Houston -185 (Peacock) vs Minnesota (Odorizzi).  Big price here on the Astros, but they have a huge pitching advantage.  They lost yesterday 11-10 after being down a bunch.  With their bats hot, Peacock just needs to be reasonably good and the offense will take care of the rest.

Free Picks 4/21/19

Free picks win again, 2-1 yesterday.  And another NHL series winner with the Blues.

Premier League
Liverpool / Cardiff City under 3 -110

San Jose +165 vs Vegas

NY Mets -120 (Syndergaard) vs St Louis (Hudson)

Free Picks 4/20/19

NBA playoffs won again yesterday with OKC.  Another game ready to go today. 

Free picks lost yesterday with the Bruins, but have 3 more for today:

Premier League
Leicester City +110 vs West Ham

St Louis -140 vs Winnipeg

Philadelphia -120 (Nola) vs Colorado (Senzatela)

Free Picks 4/19/19

NBA playoffs stay hot with another 2-0 yesterday.

Free picks continue to win again yesterday.

Boston -145 vs Toronto

Cleveland -145 (Kluber) vs Atlanta (Toussaint).  The Braves continue to be over-valued because they fattened up on some early wins against Miami and the Cubs.  But the Braves have an awful pitching staff, so we'll take advantage of a cheap price with the Indians at home.