Exclusive Private Service

For those serious about making money, this is a rare service for those wanting to get the best lines and match my exact record.  This isn't for everyone.  If you're new to sports betting or think a hundred bucks is a big bet, then this isn't for you. 

If you have a real bankroll and you know the value of a half point, then this might interest you.  Here's how it will work.  You will send the money to me and I will bet for you.  Of course you will get receipts and documentation for your deposit.  You can also have whatever other documents that make you comfortable.  I will maintain a spreadsheet with all the picks and lines for everyone to see.  The amounts will be entered as units, so everyone will know what a unit represents to them and they can calculate their balance whenever they want. 

Each day I will send an email before the games begin, letting everyone know the teams and lines we have.  You will have the same lines as me.  You will be able to check the games on my Pickmonitor page, but you will notice in many cases we have a better line than what is entered on there. 

Now I will have to limit the number of people in this service because of betting limits.  The NBA won't be a problem, but college limits (especially overnights) are low.  So I will have to limit the bet size to 3K per game.  So if 6 guys want to bet 500 per game, then this service will be limited to just those 6 guys.  If 10 guys want to bet 300 per game, then that's it.  You get the idea.  As soon as the maximum bet amount is reached, this service is closed.  If there's a larger demand, I may have ideas to expand the bet size in the future. 

Here's some requirements.  The minimum deposit is 2K, which will be $100 per game.  That's a 5% bet of total bankroll which is high.  Preferably your bet should be 1% or 2%, which would require a larger deposit.  But the percentage is your choice, not to exceed 5% ever.  So a 10K deposit would be a choice of anywhere between $100 and $500 per game.  The percentage you choose will not change during the season.  It's not 5% this week and 3% next week.  It's the same the whole season. 

Withdrawals should be infrequent.  Ideally winnings are paid at the end of the year.  But if you want some of the winnings each month, that's fine.  I'll send you your money whenever you request it.  But after a withdrawal, no deposits for 30 days.  I'm not sending money back and forth weekly. 

Fees:  The price for this service is 10% of winnings, which are paid when you withdraw money.  Now that's winnings, not balance.  So if you deposit 5K and it increases to 7K, that's 2K profit and a $200 fee.  You get $1800 for doing nothing.  But if you withdraw less than your total profit, the fee will be calculated on your total profit and the remainder will be your new starting balance.  Example:  deposit 5K, increase to 7K for 2K profit.  You ask for a 1K withdrawal.  The fee will be $200 and the new starting balance is 5800.  If you don't withdraw any money, you don't owe anything until the end of the season.  Notice there's always an incentive to keep winning. 

One final note.  Because your deposit isn't actually sufficient to bet properly, you get the added bonus of using my money.  When I make my bet, I'll be placing your bet at the same time.  I will make that bet at any book that has the best line.  It might be a book in Las Vegas or offshore.  I have accounts sufficiently funded at a variety of books, so I can bet wherever the best line is.  If your deposit was 3K, that's not nearly enough to fund 5 different books and be able to bet 8 or 10 games at any one of them on a daily bases.  So think of your money "traveling" from one book to another as it's needed.  This is something you couldn't accomplish on your own unless you had a larger bankroll. 

For those who were members last year, you can join for less than the stated minimums above.  It's a way of saying thank you for being one of the first members.  And I know you plan on betting the whole year. 

Anything I forgot?  Questions of any kind, just email me. 


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